“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”
- JalAl ad-Din Rumi

Optic Verve is a small design studio offering landscape, garden design, and space planning services, linking interiors with exteriors to maximize the optical and experiential potential of available space. One effect of our increasingly dense urban environment is a shrinking sense of privacy.  As an essential part of managing and optimizing small spaces, I also provide expert horticultural guidance and color consultations. My proposed solutions are not usually run of the mill, and I am not a slave to trends. Instead, I use all available parameters and criteria to create a functional, timeless design with staying power, suitable to its location, and representative of its owners’ preferences and budgets. Whether during quick consultations, or for large, comprehensive designs, I will listen to your specifics, and then apply my unique talent for seeing and unlocking potential.



I design exteriors as well as interiors. Gardens are my passion, but what good are they if they are not accessible from the interior - visibly as well as physically? The two are intrinsically linked. I take pride in my unique way of seeing potential, as well as developing solutions that will enhance and expand the livability of your home, whether inside or out.